Monthly Archives: April 2007

Clinical Research Unit


Studies carried out at the FHCSAA are aimed at providing better knowledge and useful solutions for daily clinical practice. The staff at the hospital Clinical Research Unit combine assistance to patients and research. In so doing, our researchers can focus their research lines on patients’ major ailments. As a result of such combined research and medical assistance approach, the results of our scientific progress directly benefit the patients.

The hospital Clinical Research Unit is also a part of the Technological Centre for the Study of Dependence and Autonomous Living (CETpD), where technology is developed for the prevention, treatment and relief of health disorders in elderly persons.

The studies conducted at the Clinical Research Unit and the CETpD are independent and follow strict ethical principles. The sole objective of these studies is pursuing progress in people-oriented science and technology.

The research unit welcomes all professionals working at the hospital that might be interested in participating in research projects, especially trainees, who find here a great opportunity for co-authoring scientific papers and pursuing their doctoral dissertations (see education).


Disability is more frequent among older population groups. Furthermore, the population in developed countries is aging rapidly. Consequently in countries such as Spain, structural changes occur towards older and more disabled populations.

Fortunately, dependence of the elderly can be prevented by providing early health care. It has been demonstrated that age-related disability may be reduced, thus reducing the number of disabled persons and consequently, the social and economical impact of disability. Therefore, we prioritize research in the fields of aging, dependency and most frequent causes of elderly disability.